Introducing: Book Notes Reviews!

Goodmorning everyone, so on Twitter a few days ago I mentioned I was super excited for this post and I really am. The reason for this is I am introducing something new to my book blog, Book Notes!

If you didn’t know, I keep track of a book reading journal, where every book I read is tracked in this journal. How I track what I read is really simple, I simply start a new page in my journal, title it with the name of the book, the author, page number and the date I started/finished the book. Then I skip a line and start writing all my thoughts, feelings, important events throughout the book. Pictured below is an example, where I have a few notes written down, not too spoiler-y.

I was reading through some of my notes I had written down on previous books, and it was hilarious to read. My reactions were so over the top, I never held back my feelings when writing it in my journal. When reading these journal entries I thought to myself oh. my. god. People need to read these, because they will get so much entertainment from reading how extra I can be at times.

Now how I plan to do these is basically take all my notes from the book that I wrote down and type them into my blog post, still in bullet form and everything. Then at the end, I will still write about my final thoughts, my rating and all of that good stuff.

The only issue is, these posts will be spoiler filled. Since they are my notes, they will be filled with my reactions and notes to everything that happened during reading the book. So if you haven’t read the books, you will be spoiled. So to keep this from being a major issue for some of you on my blog, I will only be doing Book Notes every once in awhile, on books that I think are a little older, like at least a few years old and do book notes on them. I won’t be writing Book Note reviews for really new/popular books, new releases, or ARC’s. I will still be continuing on with regular non-spoiler book reviews, but I just thought it would be something new and refreshing to bring into the book community.

What do you guys think? Are you excited to read my first Book Notes Review?

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