A Gift Givers Guide for Harry Potter Lovers

Good morning and hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday. I was really excited to write this one because, I know and I know a lot of other people know, how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift for someone. Maybe it’s a friend, family member, your boss, anyone who you need to buy a gift for, and possibly the only thing you really know about this person is that they love Harry Potter (which a lot of people do). Instead of purchasing the Harry Potter series for someone, which the probably already have, here are a few ideas to help you find the perfect gift for the Harry Potter lover in your life.

Dobby Socks – $7.99

I think this is such an adorable idea! (and a really cheap gift idea) I actually really want this pair of socks from Amazon. Like of course, these had to be made. I was so happy when Harry tricked Malfoy into giving Dobby the sock through the journal, so of course I should get socks for this.

The Sorting Candle – $14.50

I found this over on etsy.com and BelleVieCandle is the shop owner. She has a lot of other cute items, but this is really a cute idea. If you know the house the person your giving a gift to, you can order that house color, but there is also a sort me option. This option the candle will burn and then show you your Hogwarts house. Really creative idea, and something your typical Harry Potter fan might not have.

Golden Snitch Keychain – $8.50

Another kind of simple one, on the cheaper side but man oh man, I really want this for my purse. How cool would it be to have a golden snitch on your bookbag/purse? Come on.

Morphing Mugs – $19.99

This was actually a really cool find! When cold/room tempature the mug is black, when it’s warm, the mug has a couple of images of Harry Potter and quotes, a little rustic looking. I love the look of it and I’ve never had a mug that changes color when the temperature changes, so I would definitely get this for myself or any of my Harry Potter loving fans.

Hogwarts Wizard Chess Set – $45

Although a little bit more pricey, I thought this was a nice little set and closely looking at it, it really looks like the exact set that was played during the first movie and beyond. Something really nice to either play or honestly, just have on display in a Harry Potter loving home

Well I hope you all enjoy’d some really cute gift ideas. I wanted to pick some gifts that may not be as easy to find at like Walmart or Barnes & Noble type of stores, since those things are a little bit too mainstream.

What would you love to be gifted as Harry Potter lovers yourself?

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