March 2019 Wrap-Up

Hello all my book friends! I know it’s a little early for a March wrap up, but I am sooo done with March at this point. I had a terrible reading month, but finally I can feel a decent reading mood coming on to the nice weather, so I decided to just go ahead and call it a loss this month. I am ready to get back to reading in April, so that’s a good sign for this upcoming month.

*Reviews are linked for each book*

Puddin – Julie Murphy ⭐/5

Nothing really knew music wise this month, but I did go to the Ariana Grande Sweetener Tour! She opened up in my home city and it was an absolutely amazing concert. So, after that concert, I have been listening to mainly Ariana Grande nonstop.

Other than Ariana Grande, here are some songs I have been listening to that aren’t necessarily new, but I have been listening to on repeat.

Demons – Imagine Dragons (Night Visions)

Natural – Imagine Dragons (Origins)

Butterfly – Kehlani (While We Wait)

Talk – Khalid (Talk-Single)

And A LOT.. of Ariana Grande lol.

Again, not a lot of movies this month actually. I only went to the movies a few times, this month I want to catch up on some YA movies I haven’t watched yet like Five Feet Apart, The Hate U Give… movies like that.

I went to go see Isn’t It Romantic with my brother’s girlfriend this month, and although I don’t care for romantic comedies, it was pretty funny. Rebel Wilson is growing on me as an actress and I thought she was great in this. And of course, Liam Hemsworth was in it. So I had to see it lol.

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