Book Review: Kiss Me In Paris by Catherine Rider

Title: Kiss Me In Paris

Author: Catherine Rider

Pages: 216

Format: paperback

Genre: young adult, romance, contemporary

Publication Date: September 4, 2018


Serena Fuentes won’t waste one moment of her whirlwind trip to Paris. She has it all mapped out, right down to the photos she will take, and the last thing she wants is a change in plans. Yet suddenly she’s touring the city with Jean-Luc, a French friend of her sister’s boyfriend. He has to take pictures of his own if he ever hopes to pass his photography class, and his project totally slows Serena down. Why can’t he get with her program? One minute they’re bickering, the next minute they’re bonding … and soon they’re exploring corners of Paris together that Serena never imagined. When it comes to love, sometimes it takes a different lens to see what’s right in front of us. A romantic adventure for anyone who sees the possibilities in a spontaneous tour of the City of Lights with a charming French stranger, and anyone who’s ever wondered if true love is waiting on the other side of the ocean. Catherine Rider’s delightful follow-up to Kiss Me in New York will sweep you off your feet.

Honestly, my rating is kind of generous for this book. If I had to say one thing I liked, I would say the humor. I found myself laughing a few times during this and it made me enjoy it slightly more. It’s probably what kept me from DNF’ing or giving it a lower star rating.

For the setting to be in Paris, I did not get the Paris feel what-so-ever. It felt pretty bland, I couldn’t get wrapped up in the Christmas-y Paris feel. It’s probably just me that felt that way but, it definitely brought the rating down.

Also, I know some contemporary YA is supposed to be kind of cheesy feeling, but really? This was over the top it kind of made me cringe. The two characters that were supposed to be like the love interests were awful for each other. They both seemed to like be annoyed with one another, and although Rider tried to write it as if they started to get along, they really didn’t! They just fought basically throughout all of it!

Also, the whole idea of Serena re-living her parents honeymoon… kinda cringey in itself. For me at least that’s cringe-worthy. But again, maybe it’s just me!

What have you guys thought of this book?

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