Book’s I’ve Recently DNF’d #1

Hello all my bookish people! I figured I would start with this little series listing the books I’ve DNF’d lately. I don’t really include them in my monthly wrap-ups, so I figured we could just do a post dedicated to these lost soul books lol. Let’s get right to it!

(1) The Kiss Quotient – Helen Hoang

Image result for the kiss quotient

Just couldn’t get into it. I was so excited to read this, but within 70 pages I was just not interested.

(2) Goodbye Days – Jeff Zentner

Image result for goodbye days

I actually got over half-way in this book, and was really enjoying it! Unfortunately, it wasn’t really a book I was in the mood for, so it’s a DNF for now until I decide to go back to it.

(3) Heartless – Marissa Meyer

Image result for heartless marissa meyer

I actually was really enjoying this one too! Sadly, I went to Barnes & Noble after starting this book, made a few big purchases, and then never picked it up again. Maybe this fall though. Stay tuned for that! lol.

(4) Pink Hair and Other Terrible Ideas – Andrea Pyros

Image result for pink hair and other terrible ideas

I picked this up since it looked kind of interesting, but I read 5 pages and quickly realized the writing was just not for me. And that’s okay!

(5) On The Come Up – Angie Thomas

Image result for on the come up

I know, I know. You’re probably ready to ask me all sorts of questions as to why I would DNF this book. Honestly, I have nothing against this book or THUG, I just don’t think Angie’s writing is for me. I really thought this book was going to be different for me since I love hip-hop music so much, and the raps that I read were soooo good!, but I’m just not interested in continuing when the writing throws me off. I think it’s time for Angie and I to call it quits on our book relationship.

What book’s have you guys recently been DNF’ing?

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