Why I Don’t Re-Read Books & A Small List of Books I Would Consider

Hello everyone! Today is a little bit of a different post for me because fun fact: I do not re-read books… at all. There are only a few books I’ve ever re-read in my life, and I intend to keep that list very short. There are actually a few reasons why this is the way it is:

  1. I have a reading binder – My reading binder(s) are basically my book blogging bibles. I love my binder so much it is ridiculous. I refuse to let people around it with food, drinks, or just basically in general. I don’t take it anywhere unless I know it’s a calm, clean area where I can put it, and no where where I could possibly lose it. If you want a post on how I organize my binder let me know in the comments, because that is a GIANT post in itself. Anyways, the number one thing I contain in this binder? My book notes. For every book I read, I have a page protector slip and I put all of my notes that I write from that one book so I’m able to save it in my binder. It makes it so I never have to re-read if I forget a book, because I can just re-read my notes
  2. There are too many books out in the world for me to keep re-reading books- This is just the honest truth. In my opinion, why read the same book at least once every year or two when there are tons being released literally every Tuesday of the year. I just wouldn’t be able to keep up.
  3. Obviously, I have a book blog- And finally, the last reason. I have a book blog, and majority of my posts are book reviews. Soooo, if I read the same book over and over, I can’t keep writing reviews for the same book! So in a logical way of thinking, none of that makes sense.

Now, although 95% of the books I read within a year I will probably never read again, there are a few books I wouldn’t mind re-reading. And they are:

(1) The Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater

Just because I read this series back in middle school and I’m excited to see if I still think the same about it or not.

(2) While It Lasts by Abbi Glines

This is my favorite book by my favorite author, I have re-read it at least twice, I would definitely do it again. This is the book I would read if like I had the flu or something. Basically if I was bed ridden and didn’t want to really have to focus too hard on whatever book I was reading.

(3) An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

I loved this book last year and sadly, I wrote no notes for it… soooo, I would love to go back in and take notes so it’s there and ready for my binder.

Do you guy’s re-read books? Let me know in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Re-Read Books & A Small List of Books I Would Consider

  1. I do like to re-read books now and then. It’s nice to come back to old favourites and discover new things in them. But I totally agree that there are too many new books to read! That’s why I only re-read a few books a year.

    And I would love to read a post about your reading binder! 😊


  2. I do reread books but it’s more of a comfort thing for me. They also help get me out of reading slumps!


  3. No, I tend not to reread books, like yourself I find there are so many brilliant books out there just waiting for me to read them. I just wouldn’t have time to reread old ones. I do have a few favourite authors that I might reread a book or two from if I’m in a low mood and have a book funk going on. (This rarely happens!)

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  4. I love re-reading books. Yes, there’s tons of new books coming out, but sometimes going back and immersing yourself in the worlds that stroked your love of reading is very satisfying. Like, people re-watch movies/TV or listen to songs on repeat, and those also keep coming out, so why not re-read?

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    1. I definitely see your point, but the difference between a song and a book? Time. I’m low on time to read as is so I’d just rather spend time reading something new. A song is kind of quick and doesn’t totally effect my day haha.


  5. I don’t re-read often but I still like to sometimes. I especially love it when it’s been years since I last read it, and I’m almost experiencing it over again, as I don’t usually remember everything!

    Also I’m fully here for a book binder blog!

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  6. I adore re-reading books but I definitely understand your points. I do sometimes feel bad for the newer unread books on my shelves when I re-read but if re-reading that book is what I need at that moment in time, I’ll do it without hesitation. I find a lot of comfort in it and my appreciation for the stories is taken to a whole new level, especially if there are quite a few years between initially reading and re-reading a book.

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