3 Lessons I’ve Learned After 7 Months of Blogging & 21 Years of Life

Hello everyone! Kind of a different post today, not necessarily geared towards books, but just towards blogging in general. I’ve been wanting to make this post honestly since like my first months of blogging, because I feel like you learn A LOT during that time, but sitting here now, I think it’s time to make this post a reality on my blog.

I turn 21 today.. kind of crazy to think about, but it’s true. Today marks the day I turn 21. If you asked me how turning 21 would feel a year ago, I honestly wouldn’t be able to tell you, because I couldn’t even comprehend the thought. But it’s here… and I’ve grown so much this past year. A lot of this growth comes from blogging, so here I am today.. telling you what I’ve learned, and I genuinely hope you read and take my lessons I’ve shared with you and adapt them into your own lives. Let’s just get right on to the post!

(1) Be fearless

There were so many things I was terrified of when starting this blog.. Will people listen to me? Will they think I’m boring? Not enjoyable to read? And honestly, NONE of that matters anymore to me. I don’t care if people find me boring, if they don’t like what type of content I post, when I post it, how I post it. I just don’t care. I don’t care if some don’t find my content interesting.. who knows! Even if 100 people hated my blog, I know there is one person that loves it, and that’s me. And that’s what matters. Don’t be scared to post what you want to post. Post that positive book review about a book a lot of people hate on! Post that book haul of only 1 or 2 books and be proud that you got those 1 or 2 books and decided to share that! Be proud of the work you put into you’re blog. Because you’re the only person who matters.

(2) Don’t look for people’s approval when starting a blog.. or any project!

I 100% struggled with this when starting. I had another book blog that I started last year and literally gave up after 2 months, simply because I felt the people around me… my family, my friends… they didn’t seem to really be as interested and invested as I was. I decided to try again January 1, 2019 and I… well, I struggled with this.

My whole life I’ve always felt kind of like… second best. My brother is an amazing and talented baseball player, an amazing human being, smart.. just the most lovely person I could ever know. My cousin is a beautiful girl who is caring, kind, she dipped into so many talents and challenges… cheerleading, dance, softball, gymnastics, acting, singing… you name it! Growing up I felt compared to these two people who were so close to me in my life. Honestly, I don’t think anymore people so much compared me to them as much as I compared myself to them. I didn’t play sports, didn’t act, no clubs… I was quiet. I felt like a background piece in other people’s lives. When I opened my blog, and I really took it serious and dove right in and just went for it, I realized I have my thing! I have my thing that makes me not a background piece, or a shadow basically.

Of course when I told family and friends I had this blog and I was taking on this hobby, I felt nobody really cared. Nobody would look at it, nobody would really read it. But, slowly I realized I don’t need them to look at it! I don’t need my family and friends to understand, because honestly I knew over time they would. And they did… they saw overtime how serious I’m taking it. After awhile my family started realizing things like “oh here’s Allison’s reading binder”… “let’s wait until she get’s home to move her laptop setup on the table so we don’t move things”.. and I know they would see I’d be reading in the living room for hours, up in my room reading.. on my laptop. Understanding came and although it’s not a conversation piece between my family and I that much.. I know they recognize it and see it for what it is. I’m totally okay with that, and I learned to live without constant recognization.

(3) Live. Your. Life

I learned this a few years ago how to really do this. If you asked me at 16 if I would ever hold an alligator, ever travel all the way down the east coast… by car!!, own a couple guinea pigs, eat sushi, go through heartbreak, end up going to Disney 5 times, start writing a book, start a blog… I’d tell you you’re insane. But now, being 21, you’re not insane. Because I’ve done all these things and honestly, I’ve done more. All of this made possible because I learned that even though I have this social anxiety inside of me, this worrying that maybe I can’t do certain things because my mind restricts me to do so.. I learned to move on from it. Yes, I have social anxiety. Yes, I’ve experienced depression. Yes… I’m living my life the absolute best way I can. Do I go to parties? No. Am I really social? No, honestly no I’m not. But when I tell you, if you find those few people in your life who make you feel good.. who put you in a good head space, who just make you block out everything and everyone around you.. I don’t know how to explain it, but it helps! It helps you live your life. My aunt & uncle, my brother, my brother’s gf who has become one of my best friends.. these people help me live my life. When I’m with them it’s like everything is blocked. My social anxiety, my depression.. everything is gone. All those things I listed off in the beginning, I did with these people. Some on my own, but most with these people with me! Find that group of people you love to be around and go break a couple of your personal boundaries and live your life.

I hope you guys can take these lessons and apply it to yourselves and your lives and just truly work towards being blissfully happy human beings. Thanks for anyone who read this long post lol, and thanks to everyone supporting my blog, others blogs… you’re what makes this whole blogging thing worth while. Peace guys!

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9 thoughts on “3 Lessons I’ve Learned After 7 Months of Blogging & 21 Years of Life

  1. Happy birthday!!!
    I fully agree with #2. My friends and family didn’t even know I had a blog.. actually, most of my friends still don’t know. I am the kind of person who low key expect approval from the others, who wants people to be interested in what I do. I realized that it was unfair though. My hobbies don’t have to be their hobbies and what I like doesn’t have to be what they like. So I opened my blog this January without telling anyone 🙂 It was the best decision ever. Because I am now confident in my writing, in my followers… even if they knew, I wouldn’t be seeking their approval anymore. 🙂

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