Why I DNF Books & Some Books I’ve DNF’d Recently

Hi everyone! Continuing on with my series of blog posts why I feel the need to explain myself lol. The last two posts I did were Why I Don’t Collect Different Editions of Books and Why I Don’t Re-Read Books. I figured I would continue on with this little series I have going on and talk about why I DNF (Do Not Finish) books. So let’s jump right in!

A lot of people are okay with DNF’ing a book they aren’t really into. I have done it before and I promise you, I will do it again. But some people are really into the mindset that if they pick up a book and start it, they need to finish it.

I feel like for book bloggers this a difficult thing for some of us to do. On one hand, if you DNF a book, that means no review. No blog post. Big problems. I understand that and honestly I have read 1 star books before because I honestly just wanted to read it so I could review it. I’m not ashamed guys! Here are some reasons why I do choose to DNF though:

(1) It isn’t an ARC/Required Reading

I will easily DNF a book if it’s not an ARC and I’m not feeling it. Whether I own it or I borrowed it from the library… ESPECIALLY if I borrowed it from the Library, I will DNF it way quicker than I would an ARC I receive.

(2) It is just horrible

If the writing is off… the characters… the plot… DNF.

(3) It upsets me emotionally/has a negative impact

Sometimes a book can just be too much. Hence why I won’t read The Boy In The Striped Pajamas. I saw the movie in high school and decided I’m way too scared to read it and have it impact me so hard as the movie did.

(4) I don’t believe in it

There are some books that are so religious, so anti-something that I won’t read it. If it’s about something I don’t believe in, I will not pick it up.

(5) My mood/The season

I am a mood reader. And by mood reader, that means in my case a seasonal mood reader. I typically tend to read certain genres during certain times of the year. If I start a book and it’s not really in my mood, it is very easy to DNF. It basically goes:

  • Winter – Fantasy
  • Spring – Contemporary/ YA RF
  • Summer – Romance/Contemporary
  • Fall – Mystery/Thrillers & Fantasy

Some Books I’ve Recently DNF’d

With the Fire on High

With The Fire on High – Elizabeth Acevedo

Honestly, I really want to get back to this one. My mood just started to change and I started to really not care for it. Great book, just my mood was off.

Pink Hair and Other Terrible Ideas

Pink Hair and Other Terrible Ideas – Andrea Pyros

This book just bothered me within the first 20 pages. I already hated the main character and the writing was just horrible. DNF’d 30 minutes into reading it.

How do you guys feel about DNF’ing books? Let me know in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Why I DNF Books & Some Books I’ve DNF’d Recently

  1. Ahoy there matey! I be a blogger who does in fact review and rate me abandoned ship (DNF) books. I write reviews for me so that I can remember me thoughts about a book. I also love other crew members posts about books they abandon because it might save me from picking up a book I wouldn’t like. There be too many books and not enough time. I don’t like abandoning Arcs but it has happened. Not every book is for every person. It happens. I used to finish every book I started but gave up on that. I also adore negative reviews even for books that I have loved. I like knowing why the crew disagrees with me even if it won’t change me mind. Arrrr!
    x The Captain

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  2. I still review books I DNF. Perhaps not on my blog but definitely on GR. I don’t rate them unless I’ve read a sizeable chunk of the book though. Enough that I feel like I have a good feel for the entire book. Great discussion post :)))

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  3. Lol I love your intro – ” why I feel the need to explain myself” – totally me. That’s why I review and rate DNFs. If I quit a book, I want readers to know why- and most of the time, it’s me, not the book. Great post!

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  4. basically life is too short and not every book is going to fit the person
    like emer said I will still review the book especially if they’re netgalleys because that’s a chunk of my time and my time is valuable lol
    great post

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  5. I really struggle to find books that keep my attention and keep me interested in reading, my attention span is short at the best of times, nevermind with a book that isn’t really me! Great post x

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