Book Review: Sheets by Brenna Thummler

Hey everyone! What has everyone been up to? I am just kind of getting back into a reading mood after that August/first half of September slump and now I’m starting to kick into gear this month! Since the theme of my blog this month is everything spooky, why not write a review for a graphic novel about ghosts? Let’s get onto the review shall we?


Title: Sheets

Author: Brenna Thummler

Pages: 239

Format: paperback

Genre: MG Sequential Art, Fantasy

Publication Date: August 28, 2018

Trigger Warnings: family death, depression, bullying

  • WENDELL – I loved Wendell. Honestly when he first appeared in the book, I immediately fell in love. He has such character, such personality… it’s hard not to fall in love with really!
  • Artwork – This artwork was amazing. Wendell is just a sheet so there really aren’t many parts of the body to show emotion. All Wendell had was his eyes and mouth… and boy did the artwork really use this to show his emotion. Every single block in the comic was drawn beautifully. There were some pages where it would just be a full illustration of your setting… just beautiful.
  • The Ghost World – I loved how this world was being set up. Although I would have liked more of it, it was definitely really pleasing to see this ghost world had a little depth to it.
  • Colton’s Purpose? – Was there a need for the love interest in this story? No there wasn’t. It was short, it meant nothing and added nothing to the story what so ever.
  • More Baby Timmy! – The second I saw Baby Timmy, I wanted to cry he was so freaking adorable! I couldn’t wait to see more from him, then he just wasn’t in the rest of the book at all. So disappointing.
  • More from the Ghost World – I needed more from this world, a bigger explanation, more scenes from this world and less from the one I already know!
  • Could have been a little longer – Just so that these scenes I needed can be added lol.


I’m giving Sheets a 4 spiderwebs out of 5!

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