Books I DNF’d This Year| Blogmas/Bookmas 2019

Hello everyone! Another day in December, another day of blogmas. I am making my xmas list right now as we speak and am super excited to share some of those items with you during blogmas.

Today’s post is discussing all the books I DNF’d this year. I know I am probably missing a few, but I have DNF’d quite a lot this year and am ready to tell you all about them. Some may shock you, and some may not be as surprising. Let’s get right into the post!

With The Fire On High – Elizabeth Acevedo

With the Fire on High

I got like way past the half way mark with this one, but it just wasn’t gripping me at the time, and I found myself slowly falling out of love with it. I would love to maybe give it another go someday, but the more I think about it, the less I think I’ll actually get to it.

Pink Hair and Other Terrible Ideas – Andrea Pyros

Pink Hair and Other Terrible Ideas

I couldn’t even get past page 20 with this one, it was so bleh. I could already tell I was going to hate the main character and it was just a big no for me.

Goodbye Days – Jeff Zentner

Goodbye Days

Another one I got most of the way through but just… could not pull it through. It started to bore the crap out of me, and it wasn’t as deep and emotionally heartfelt as I thought. And I mean seriously??? A kid loses all 3 of his best friends, and you’re telling me you’re now going to try and get him arrested all because he texted his friends asking where they were at? Come on now.

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill – Abbi Waxman

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

Honestly, this was my fault. I thought it was YA, and it was not. Within the first few pages I learned that, VERY quickly and was so thrown off, I DNF’d.

I’m Not Dying With You Tonight – Kimberly Jones & Gilly Segal

I'm Not Dying with You Tonight

The audiobook was just terrible, and I couldn’t get past it. Would I try reading it in book format? Nope. Probably not.

The Cruel Prince – Holly Black

The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air, #1)

I tried it, and I found out The Cruel Prince and I are just not a good match. Sorry! Don’t hate me guys! lol.

Again, But Better – Christine Riccio

Again, but Better

A lot of people did not care for this, and honestly, neither did I. It was a DNF for me!

On The Come Up – Angie Thomas

On the Come Up

I got so bored with this one! The synopsis should make it one of my favorite books, but it was just so dull! And at times, came off as fake.

Wicked Fox – Kat Cho

Wicked Fox (Gumiho, #1)

I just couldn’t understand all the different language and the references… I had no idea what anything was basically, and couldn’t get past the second chapter.

Wild and Crooked – Leah Thomas

Wild and Crooked

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3 thoughts on “Books I DNF’d This Year| Blogmas/Bookmas 2019

  1. I tried reading The Cruel Prince last year and I ended up DNFing it too. The story moved at a pretty good pace for me but none of the characters were “love to hate” as much as I expected and I didn’t think it was worth finishing.

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