My Christmas Wish List!

Good morning everyone! Today I decided to start making my list for ‘Santaaaa’. It may seem a little late to do this, but I have many things on my list that I want for Christmas. I don’t really think I have any big ticket items on my list, which to me are like gaming systems, a new phone, tv’s…. basically big electronic items. I think my biggest item on here that’s technology wise is my Playstation 4 controller.

Anyways, let’s get onto the list! ALSO, feel free to share what you may be asking for this Christmas.

(1) Apex Pop! Figures

Image result for apex pop figures

(2) Playstation 4 skin/wrap

(3) New Purple Controller

Image result for purple ps4 controller

(4) Harry Potter book set

Image result for harry potter book set

(5) Black Leggings

(6) Nike Sneakers

Image result for nike sneakers womens

(7) Disney Gift Cards

(8) Disney Pop! Figures

Image result for disney pop figures

(9) Stuff for New Car

(10) Disney Keychains

Image result for disney keychains

(11) Box Lunch Gift Cards

Image result for box lunch disney store

(12) Cute Sweatshirts

(13) Scrunchies

Image result for scrunchies

(14) Charging Station for Controllers

Image result for charging station for ps4 controller

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