Book Review | Supernova (Renegades #3) by Marissa Meyer

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share this review with you guys today because I simply just fell in love with this series last year, it just captured my entire heart. This series as a whole for me was a 5/5, total win, and I’m officially calling it one of my favorite series of all time, next to Caraval of course. It was an honor being able to read these books and review them for you guys, so let’s just get right to the review.

Supernova (Renegades, #3)

Title: Supernova

Author: Marissa Meyer

Pages: 552

Format: Hardcover

Genre: Fantasy

Audience: YA

Publication Date: November 5, 2019

All’s fair in love and anarchy…

The epic conclusion to Marissa Meyer’s thrilling Renegades Trilogy finds Nova and Adrian struggling to keep their secret identities concealed while the battle rages on between their alter egos, their allies, and their greatest fears come to life. Secrets, lies, and betrayals are revealed as anarchy once again threatens to reclaim Gatlon City.

  • Adrian & Max Relationship – These two brothers had an amazing relationship throughout the series. I was hoping Meyer wouldn’t cause these two to get into any conflicts because honestly, it seemed like the one thing that kept Adrian a little grounded and was definitely a comforting relationship for him to have, despite all of his other relationships throughout this novel. Adrian goes through the most stress throughout this series, and Max was always there to help guide him, and I just noticed in this book that Meyer made the relationship even STRONGER. Loved this sibling dynamic, and I wish we could see more of that.
  • The Writing – As the first two books, the writing was absolutely incredible. It just makes me want to read literally everything else she has ever written because… it’s just a masterpiece. This book was just over 550 pages long, and she wrote this book so well, I got so angry when I had to divert my attention away from reading it.
  • The Cover – THAT COVER! It’s absolutely stunning! All the covers are really amazing, but this one is just ugh! Gorgeous.
  • THAT ENDING – Not giving anything away, but the ending will mess you up.
  • Not Predictable At All – I happened to not even be able to think up an ending for this book. Throughout reading the series, I couldn’t think of a way of how this would all end, and honestly it just made the ending even better. I did try to predict one thing, and even though I was partially right, Meyer expanding on that thought even more and twisted it into something I wouldn’t have really have been able to think of. I suspected nothing throughout the whole book, and I love when I’m just surprised at every turn in a book.
  • Nova Stayed True To Herself – I loved that Nova did not change just over a boy. This was big for me, I wanted Nova to follow through as her being a villain instead of just becoming a hero all because Adrian was. Nova definitely followed through with being a villain, and that was what I was so happy about. She didn’t just switch over to the hero side all because the cute boy happened to be on the hero side.
  • Narcissa – Narcissa was in this book and I love Narcissa! Her power is so amazing. Being able to jump through mirrors? Sign me up for that superpower! Supernova just made me realize how helpful her power can actually be, and honestly, Narcissa is just a total bad ass.
  • Everything Wrapped Up Lovely – I thought the ending to this trilogy was perfect and made me so happy. I’m happy with the way this ended, and there’s really nothing I thought was missing. It wasn’t rushed either, which is an added bonus.
  • Explanation Of How Everyone Received Their Powers – I thought this was the only part I couldn’t really understand. It didn’t make sense to me, and it made things confusing for a little while. I get why Meyer wrote that as an explanation, it really does cover a lot, but… it wasn’t the best way to explain it. It also just wasn’t a very good way to wrap up the question of how people got their powers in the first place.


I would 100% recommend this series to well.. anyone! I am not big into fantasy, science fiction, those kind of books, but this book was a definite exception. This series as a whole was amazing, and this book just really was the perfect ending. This was definitely a series where the next book you read just keeps getting better than the last. I can’t wait to read the Lunar Chronicles soon.

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