February 2020 Book Haul

Hi everyone! I wanted to kind of get into the habit of sharing what books I receive/purchase every month, so here we are! Starting off with the February book haul! I purchased a lot this month, but it really wasn't all that bad since a majority of the books I've gotten have been from book [...]

Book Haul #2

Hello everyone! This weekend I have had an amazing time picking out some books for myself and adding them to my growing collection. Just going to show you guys some of the books I picked up, and if you by chance picked up any this weekend, what did you have to opportunity of picking up? [...]

March Library Book Haul

Good morning and Happy Sunday guys! I have been trying to get back into a reading mood, but after Harry Potter month I just completely fell behind on reading, so I have really stayed focused on it this weekend and I have scheduled posts and read quite a bit, all while being a little under [...]